The hardware

Diggers, Excavators & Planers

At our Saltash Depot, just over the bridge from Plymouth, we own a good range of excavators and a wheeled diggers to tackle any job you ask of us. All are recent models come equipped with the latest attachments. Not sure what you need for your job? Call us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

  • 1.8 ton excavator with full set of buckets and post auger.
  • 5.5 ton excavator with full set of buckets, angle grader, quick hitch and piped for rock hammer.
  • 8 ton excavator with set of buckets, quick hitch and piped for rock hammer.
  • Wheeled digger: Caterpillar 432F full specification. With power slide and quick hitch. Complete with rubber street pad and full range of buckets, this machine is extremely versatile. Attachments such as hydraulic rock breaking hammers, pallet forks and road planers* are all available.

*Road planer – 400mm wide with an adjustable depth to a maximum of 120mm for planing tarmac and concrete. We use this attachment on the back of the wheel digger, fitted with a power slide. This enables us to use the full width of the machine efficiently, improving productivity.